Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6

Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6. Pick-up truck.

I do not know why this vehicle should be banned off the road *). Because it is immoral to buy it while other people are starving to death? Because it is a heavy air polluter with a CO2 exhaust up to almost half a KILO per kilometer? Or just because it is the ugliest car ever built by Mercedes-Benz? Nevertheless, this verhicle is still being built and sold, despite it will - except for demonstrations - almost never be used for what it is capable of.

Yes. We are talking about the G 63 AMG, the strongest and heaviest version of the Mercedes-Benz G-series. This off-road series was bound to stop being manufactured long ago, Daimler never explained why they went on with it. Its design goes back to the seventies. The G-series is a legendary car with amazing off-road capabilities. Apart from becoming rusty, it will run forever as long as you maintain it now and then. And Mercedes-Benz keeps on manufacturing it. It is a classic car the moment it comes out of the factory.

What did AMG do this time? De standard long wheel base version of the G was extended with an open loading space, an extra axle, and of course the engine was replaced by a more powerful one. Oh yes, and lots of leather in the interior. When it would be in camouflage colors, this G AMG would resemble a military vehicle. Like a Hummer. It weighs 3850 kilos (it is not for sale in Europe, it would mean you would have to get a truck drivers license), has 5 seats, can wade through a river of one meter deep. The V8 5500 cc engine produces 544 pk / 400 kW and a torque of 760 Nm. The seven speed transmission is automatic and has several shift modes. It has an innovative tire pressure control system which allows the driver to adjust the tyre pressure while driving, so it can adjust to the type of surface. However, if we see one we think it is most likely on the left lane of the highway.

*) Parody. Not to be taken seriously.

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technische specificaties *)
 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6
motortype   V8 biturbo benzine 
cilinderinhoud   5500 cc
turbo   dubbel 
max. vermogen   400 kW
max. koppel   760 Nm
aantal versnellingen  
automaat leverbaar   standaard 
aandrijving   alle wielen 
aantal banden  
asconfiguratie   6x6 
wielbasis   420 cm
massa leeg   3850 kg
max. doorwaadhoogte   100 cm
breedte   210 cm
hoogte   250 cm
aantal zitplaatsen  
gemiddeld brandstofverbruik   19.6 - 11.2 (volgens fabriek) l / 100 km
*) onder voorbehoud. Exacte specificaties kunt u opvragen bij de leverancier.

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