Bilgihan (Van Eck Trailers): International working culture for Van Eck

Bilgihan (Van Eck Trailers): International working culture for Van Eck. Interview with AygŁn Bilgihan, managing director, Van Eck Trailers.

First question... Will Van Eck Trailers be managed locally or from Istanbul?
Talson is managed in Venlo. Van Eck will be managed from Beesd where we maintain all production.

- How many workers have you hired from the former Van Eck staff?
We are continuing to work with all former Van Eck colleagues who still wish to work and are good at their jobs, talented and experienced. We are also inviting former colleagues to return to work at Van Eck. Currently, 36 colleagues are still working.

- What part of the production will be moved to Turkey?
Van Eck will continue all of its production in Beesd . If there is a need for the capacity increase, we will evaluate the suitability of our production sites located in Goch and Adapazari.

- Will there still be complete trailers produced in Beesd?

- Will the technology of Van Eck be used to expand to new markets, and if so, which countries?
We will deliver Talson and Van Eck technology to all the customers demanding quality customized products, services and solutions. We have not planned for a specific country yet.

- What are your plans for the near future for Van Eck?
Our commercial plans are to successfully continue the production at Beesd and offer the same quality products and services to Van Eck customers who are working with Van Eck for years. As Trailer Innovation 2019 Award winner, we will support and continue all Van Eck R&D programs. Especially continuing harmonious and constructive relationships with our colleagues and all our stakeholders is important for us. We will continue and develop all our social activities, university partnerships, apprenticeship programs, and social outreach programs.

- What are the main reasons you bought the Van Eck assets?
We were discussing a potential partnership with Van Eck family. As both producers of quality innovative and niche products, a partnership between Talson and Van Eck was a possibility. Our potential partnership discussions resulted in Talson acquiring Van Eck.

- Are there specific models in the Van Eck product range that you will stop producing?
Van Eck is a successful company with established success in engineering and producing specialty and quality products meeting the needs of its customers. We will continue to produce the entire Van Eck portfolio.

- Are there specific models in the Van Eck range you want to focus on?
All products that loyal Van Eck customers need are our priority.

- The Dutch company culture can be described as "very informal" vs the Turkish company culture as "more formal". Do you agree with this statement? What will you do to match the two different cultures?
Talson is based in Venlo. Lacking production plants of its own in the Netherlands, Talson has moved its entire production to Europeís most modern, quality and process certified plant in Adapazari 16 years ago. Since the production move, your observation on very Ėinformal and moreformal working cultures have been blended and resulted in producing Europesí top quality innovation award winner products and services.
These products and services are meeting the needs of customers throughout Europe. Talson team, backed by the manufacturing power of Adapazari has developed an international working culture, successful not only in the Netherlands but in all of Europe.
We believe Van Eck will be successful and happy working within this international working culture that satisfies its customersí needs in an efficient and of high-quality manner centered around innovation and R&D, developing products and services for the sustainability of the planet. We know, the international working culture and manufacturing and R&D power will benefit Van Eckís international success.

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 Bilgihan (Van Eck Trailers): International working culture for Van Eck
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