Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rail (Intermodal high-capacity trailer)

Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rail (Intermodal high-capacity trailer)

Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rail (Intermodal high-capacity trailer). High-volume trailer for intermodal transport.

Extra long Tautliner trailer for use on the road and for piggyback (road/rail) transport. This trailer is 130 cm longer than the standard 13,60 m trailers in Europe, and can contain 37 europallets, four extra pallets compared to the 13,6 meter trailers. In other words: 10% more freight. The use of it has been legalized in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

When designing the Mega Rail Euro Trailer, the Kögel engineers have achieved something which had not been possible until now: Thanks to the FlexiUse body and sophisticated automatic axle stops, this high-volume semi-trailer is coded for transport on the popular T3000 rail pocket wagons. In addition to that, the Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rail has a load capacity of approx. 111 m3. This means it combines the benefits offered by a volume semi-trailer on the road, with the flexibility and opportunities of combined traffic. Based on the latest legal requirements in Germany, this extended Mega semi-trailer can also naturally be used in combined traffic. It is possible to transport the Euro Trailer Mega Rail on the railways thanks to a system with patent pending – a combination of swivel axles stops and a FlexiUse body. When folding up the underride guard as well by raising the trailer and loading onto the pocket wagon, the swivel axles trigger automation which uses compressed air to move the axle stops to the right position. The system ensures that the frame does not touch down on the pocket wagon. In addition to that, the body height at the front and back of the variable FlexiUse body can be adjusted independently of each other. This means that the maximum internal height for rail codification P400 can be precisely adhered to and the Euro Trailer Mega Rail fits onto every popular T3000 rail pocket wagon with a trestle height of 980 millimetres. Of course, the semi-trailer is also certified according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL and therefore also designed for transport on express freight trains with a speed of up to 140 km/h.

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 Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rail (Intermodal high-capacity trailer)
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